Online server management

Our company has experience with hosting of large-scale ecommerce projects, hosted in private cloud hosting. We are specialists in deploying open-source software and software security, providing you support for running ecommerce business websites with highly-sensitive data and storage hosting. We can provide you cloud hosting services for unbeatable prices, since our private cloud hosting have great knowledge with optimal settings of cloud hosting.

Server Management

As a part of our offer, we grant you unique offer connected with 100% SLA-based cloud services. We can help you to achieve high server downtime by replication of your offer across multiple regions of the same service. For companies with the need of bulletproof solution, we can manage a fully replicated solution using triple locations, managed by different Saas providers to achieve truly 100% downtime of your services. As a part of this process, your complete server infrastructure will be monitored by network monitoring sw, custom-built to fit your needs. This  monitoring is able to track even remote locations, where it's not needed to be placed physically inside your network and is not consuming your hardware resources. We are able to monitor various web services, from single websites, over Windows exchange servers, to mobile applications.

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